Friday, 25 June 2010

It turns out Friday at 6pm is not the quietest time to go swimming

You may have noticed a prolongued absense on my part.  I promised that I would go running this week but alas my foot is still swollen.

Instead I decided to do some exercise that was less foot-pounding-intensive so I popped to Highbury pool and did a few lengths.  I think I did 44 lengths but I can't be sure as halfway through an extremely pretty and shapely french girl wearing the most inappropriate strapless peach bikini joined my lane and started swimming just in front of me.  The view was so stunning I forgot what length I was on, where I was and what my name was.

Location = Highbury Pool
Swam 44 lengths at 25m/length = 1100m  = +2 XP
Total = 2 XP

Grand Total = 36 XP

I'm going to include things seen on the way too / from the pool in terms of gold earned

1100m swam = 11 GP

Cute female joggers (x3) = +6 GP (in the space of 2 minutes! I can thoroughly recommend Highbury Fields on a Friday afternoon)

Interesting things:

That peach bikini +3 GP

Total = 20 GP

Leaving me on 35 gold.  Still not enough for the cushioned trainers.  I'm going to have to shell out 7GP for the goggles as I couldn't find mine and had to buy new ones.  As I was swimming I shall swap my jogging outfit out for my swimming outfit - namely the goggles and the Wrinkled Beach Shorts [wet] (5GP) so I'll bank the remaining 23GP.  Of course I'm also inflicted with the Swollen Foot of Drunken Dancing.

LVL: 3
XP: 36
Gold: 23

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