Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Speed test - NEW LEVEL

I decided to go for the fastest time I could today.  I did the first mile and a half in under 13 minutes but I slowed quite a bit on the second, coming in just under 27 minutes again.  I'm going to see if I can't get down to 25 and a half minutes for the three miles - that'd be 8 and a half minutes a mile.

Location = Clissold Park
Ran 3 miles = +3 XP
Time was 26.50 = 8min56secs/mile = +2 XP (Hurray!)
Total = 5 XP

Grand Total = 31 XP

Hooray, new level! 

3 miles = 15 GP

Cute female jogger (x2) +4 GP

Interesting things:

Almost tripped by an overenthusiastic black labrador (saved, perhaps, by the Stick of Dog Distracting) +1GP

Total = 20 GP

Plus the 9 from last time gives me 29 gold.  I'll just buy some running socks (15GP) and save the rest for some cushioned trainers next time.  The Manga sweat drop has gone and a level 3 hair trim replaces it.

LVL: 3
XP: 31
Gold: 14

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