Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Getting back into the run of things

Another 3 mile run.  I'm going to start running much more frequently now - this weekend then every third day next week then every other day thereafter until the half-marathon.


Location = Clissold Park
Ran 3 miles = +3 XP
Time = 28min29sec= 9min40 per mile = +0 XP
Total = 3 XP

Grand Total = 42 XP

Not that much going on today

3 miles = 15 GP
Running in heatwave = +3 GP

Cute female joggers (x2) = +4 GP

Interesting things:

A man in formal jogging attire (white trainers and shorts, blue long-sleeved shirt and brown knit tank top - I kid you not!) = +3 GP

Total = 25 GP

Leaving me with 26 gold seeing as I spent almost everything on my funky new trainers last time.  As I ran in the t-shirt I got for doing the marathon last year I thought I'd go with that and buy the charity t-shirt (20gp).  I'll also take off the shades for now as without them my D&Dogwalkers character will be wearing exactly the same outfit as I usually wear when running:

LVL: 3
XP: 42
Gold: 6

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