Tuesday, 17 August 2010

8 Mile

So much for my 'running every other day' thing.  Nonetheless I made up for it with an 8 mile run.  I'm officially knackered, but I managed to keep to exactly 10 mins per mile all the way round.

Location = Clissold Park
Ran 8 miles = +11 XP
Time = 79min44sec= 9min58 per mile = +0 XP
Total = 11 XP

Grand Total = 60 XP

Almost nothing happened :(  Tuesday morning drizzle kept the park fairly quiet.

8 miles = 40 GP

Cute female joggers (x1) = +2 GP

Interesting things:

 Red and blue slurpy in a spiderman cup - WANT = +1 GP
An impromptu fireman's pole comprising a wooden post, the iron park fence and a streetsign on the pavement outside.  Plus the line of kids waiting to try it - hooray for ingenuity! = +3 GP

Subtotal = 46 GP

So that's 92 gold total.  That's a lotta cash.  As I'm going for the 8 mile theme I think I'll get the plain white t-shirt (15GP) and the branded cap (25GP) plus the thin hooded top (30GP).  Chuck a bandana under that and you have the man himself...

LVL: 3
XP: 60
Gold: 22

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