Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Six miles of greenfly swallowing - NEW LEVEL!

Ugggh, mouthful of insects, bleugh.

But I managed 6 miles so that means:

Location = Clissold Park
Ran 6 miles = +7XP
Time was 54.54 = 9min 09/mile (oooh, 54 seconds too slow) = +1XP
Total = 8XP
Grand Total = 13XP - Level 2!

I shall let you know what book I buy.

Now for the gold.

6 miles = 30 GP

Cute female joggers (x3) = 6 GP
Running in greenfly 0.5 GP/mile = 3 GP
Attack of the baby Yorkie - twice! = 5 GP

Interesting things:

Park Landscapers drilling for Oil (at least, that's what it looked like...) 3 GP
A Trio of tipsy tramps 1 GP

Total = 48 GP
Grand Total = 59 GP

A windfall!  I'll get the unbranded trainers and the cheap casio watch leaving me with 19 GP to spend.  I think I'll grab some socks and the faded t-shirt, sell the old T for 2 GP to leave me with 6 GP.  I'll buy a Stick of Dog Distracting to help me in future Yorkie attacks and bank the rest.  Oh and I'll give myself a level 2 haircut and shave too.

LVL: 2
XP: 13
Gold: 5


  1. You ought to get something for the mouthfuls of insects. High in protein you know...

  2. I did:

    Running in greenfly 0.5 GP/mile = 3 GP

    I figured it wasn't worth XP as it was hardly as unpleasant as slogging through rain and snow, so I gave myself gold.

    Thanks for being my first commentor!