Thursday, 13 May 2010

First run!

Now to add today's running result.

Location = Clissold Park
Ran 3 miles = +3XP
Time was 26.52 = 9min/mile = +2XP
Total = 5XP

Hooray, halfway to level 2.

Now for the gold.

3 miles = 15 GP

Interesting things:

Primary school footballers appealing to ref about over-the-jumper/goalpost-shot 1 GP
Two Hasidic Jewish gents a-wandering in the wilderness (very picturesque) 1 GP
A train of tennis playing tweens 1 GP
A bescarfed young man attempting to pick up a stick while the dogs whose leads he's holding in each hand strain to rush off in opposite directions (amusement value bonus) 3 GP

Total = 21 GP

I shall save some for the trainers next time and just go for the vaguely pink old white t-shirt (5 GP) and the wrinkled beach shorts (5 GP).  I shall also display my current special items - the Mark of the Overexcited Staffie and the Medal of Last Years Run.

That leaves me on...

LVL: 1
XP: 5
Gold: 11

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