Monday, 6 September 2010

Ow, bugger, damn.

Only 8 miles today - I know, I know.  Around the 6 mile mark I felt a twinge in my left knee, it wasn't much so I decided to keep going but by 7 miles it was a constant rubbing like I'd caught a tendon.  I could still run (kind of) but it was slow going and I was worried I was doing more permanent damage so I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and called it a day.  Leg feels ok now but I'm going to keep an eye on it.

Oh and the old right foot is swollen again, doc's appointment at 8am tomorrow.

Location = Clissold Park
Ran 8 miles = +11 XP
Time = 83min05sec= 10min23 per mile = +0 XP  - did ok until that last lap.
Total = 11 XP

Grand Total = 94 XP


8 miles = 40 GP

Cute female joggers (x5) = +10 GP

Interesting things:

Mumsercize - 20 women stretching and jogging with prams +2 GP
Geodesic Half Dome - going up in the park, v pretty.  +2 GP

Subtotal = 54 GP

121 gold total.  Quite a haul.  I've pretty much covered everything I would realistically buy for myself as a runner so lets go for the 'serious' runner style.  First up; running vest (30), sweatband (10) and pedometer (40), leaving me to bank 41 GP but looking faaaabulous.  Plus, of course, my level 4 haircut...

LVL: 4
XP: 94
Gold: 41

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